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NENPS, 2019
Northeast Nebraska Psychological Services, P.C.

Networking with patients, parents, school teachers and staff.

Along with regular therapeutic services such as were provided during her residency, Dr. Hunter and her clincians also network with area school teachers and staff, often attending school conferences, such as IEP meetings with patients and their parents, in order to keep the line of communication open with school personnel. We, at Northeast Nebraska Psychological Services, are committed to the excellence of students and value feedback from teachers on student education goals as well as their on campus behaviors. Below are the schools we are currently working with: Oakland - Craig ~ Lyons - Decatur ~ West Point Tekamah - Herman Logan View ~ Blair ~ Fremont Public ~ Howells ~ Dodge Scribner - Snyder ~ Pender ~ Bancroft - Rosalie

Networking with Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership.

In conjunction with Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership, NENPS works closely with Head Start and Early Head Start Programs to observe, identify and implement behavioral support plans and provide needed resources.

Completing evaluations for legal decisions and competency.

Dr. Hunter works closely with the judicial system in completing evaluations for court cases, child custody issue(s), substance abuse evaluations, and competency to stand trial.

Coordinating mental health needs in area nursing homes.

NENPS coordinates Geriatric Psychology services with area nursing homes to ensure the mental health of the residents. Our services are currently provided at Long Term Care, Assisted Living and Senior Housing facilities in these towns and their surrounding areas. Fremont, NE Hooper, Nebraska West Point, Nebraska Oakland, Nebraska