What should I expect from my first visit?
Your first appointment will include completing patient paperwork, meeting your therapist in a relaxed, safe environment
and discussing your mental health concerns and potential treatment options.
What is expected of me at my first visit?
You’re encouraged to bring a list of topics you’d like to discuss as you and your therapist get to know each other. Your
therapist will advise you of anything else needed at your first visit.
Does my health insurance cover my appointment?
Yes, we accept most major insurance plans and we will file a claim on your behalf. Please remember to bring your
insurance card to your first appointment or any time your coverage plan or insurance carrier changes. The claims are
subject to your insurance deductible and in some cases you may need to notify your carrier in advance of your
How long will my appointment last?
Your first appointment will be scheduled for 45 minutes. Any follow-up appointments can be set to accomodate your
schedule. We offer 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute appointments even through lunch and early evening hours.
Will additional or on-going appointments be required?
After your initial visit, you’re encouraged to make weekly appointments in order for your therapist to learn more about you
and what your treatment goals include. After all concerns have been addressed, the patient determines the frequency of
Who will my appointment be with?
Dr. Hunter strives to meet all patients personally and may refer you to Lori Hoskins after an initial evaluation of your needs.
Can I bring my spouse, children, or other friends or family to my appointments?
You’re welcome to bring anyone you feel will help achieve your treatment goals.
What are common issues why people seek psychologocial services and treatment?
Some of the common mental health concerns and treatments people seek our services for include depression, anxiety,
grief and loss, changes of life and marriage counseling.
Please feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns.
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